Sreejon Online.Com was founded on 16th December 2008 . We are convinced it’s not a coincidence that our company started on the borderline between millenniums, because we are now entering a new era of information together. The One Who Has Information has the entire world, and we want this to become your motto, too. Our Part will be taking and guideline you to the world of the global information world that is the internet. A civilization can’t progress without developing means of communication. Indian fires and carrier pigeons are things the man began with. Then, electricity emerged; radio, phone and television appeared. Then, when the second millennium was nearing its end, a group of enthusiasts developed a system of communication between several computers, not at all sophisticated and seemingly unnecessary. Yet this system went global in several years, giving us internet, the global computer network. Not only does internet unite the advantages of all the media and communication channels known before, it has unique features of its own. Today the internet is not only a way to communicate, but an entire ecosystem for the human mind, a universe of its own-some thing the greatest thinkers of the past imagined. The internet brought plenty of new things into our lives, including professions, trades, services, realations, and more. its development boosts the advancement of numerous industries. Sreejon Online.Com can professionally deliver networking Project of varying levels and provide internet access of several connection types.

Our types of services make us unique in the Broadband Internet Service Provider market in Jatrabari/Demra. We are confident and honest in saying that the services of Sreejon can provide cannot be provided by any other Broadband Internet Service provider company in Jatrabari/Demra. We have both Unlimited Download & Voice Chat Facility (24 Hour).